The Bayanihan Kennedy Town Centre on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipina domestic worker has filed a police complaint accusing another Filipina of injuring her during a melee on Sunday outside a voting centre for the Philippine mid-term elections in Kennedy Town on Hong Kong Island.

Elsa Carpio went to Western Police Station after she was diagnosed with an inner eye injury at Queen Mary Hospital, reported.

Carpio, who is understood to be a supporter of Otso Diretso, accused a campaigner for administration candidates of hitting her in the face during the melee at around 4pm near a bus stop across from the Bayanihan Kennedy Town Centre.

She said the melee started because some flyers and posters being distributed had upset opposition supporters. But some people said it was because Otso supporters were chanting that Duterte was a thief and a drug lord.

Videos taken of the alleged assault did not show Carpio being hit. However, a Duterte supporter shown with her arm raised near her face later admitted during a video interview that she could have hit Carpio when she pumped up her fist.

The alleged assailant claimed she was hit first and just retaliated by raising her fist. Carpio allegedly kicked her back, but this was not shown on the video.

Consul General Antonio Morales tried to pacify both camps, fearing the incident could result in the two women losing their jobs as both Filipina are domestic workers.

Morales also urged supporters of the candidates to refrain from chanting slogans that could inflame rival camps.

Carpio said her employers know about the incident, and had urged her to pursue a complaint because she was hurt.

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