Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino girl has asked for help after she was allegedly abandoned by her Filipino parents in Dubai when she was one year old.

Fathima, who is now six, was left in the care of a Pakistani couple until December last year when she was turned over to the couple’s friends in Ajman. Fathima reportedly has no record of her birth, no surname, passport, Emirates ID or visa. She also has no proof that she is a Filipino citizen, Gulf News reported.

Fathima was then adopted by Pakistani Syed Ali Moazzam, who has coordinated with the Philippine embassy to look for the girl’s family. Moazzam said he needs information on Fathima’s real mother, who he claims is still in the UAE but denies she gave birth to the girl.

“If no one else wants this child I am ready to adopt her and will send her to school and do all that. That’s why I am trying to get documents and that’s why I contacted the newspaper,” Moazzam was quoted as saying.

Moazzam said the couple who initially cared for the girl had moved either to Abu Dhabi or Pakistan and contact with them has become less frequent. “I want to arrange the documents and secure the child’s future, even if she is not my blood,” he said.

He had been referred to the Philippine embassy by Ajman police and was asked for proof that the child is Filipino. The Ajman police said the mother would not be arrested if she gave a DNA sample.

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