An Indonesian F-16. Photo: YouTube.

In the tradition of waking people up during the fasting month of Ramadan, the Indonesian Air Force will be flying jets to notify its citizens of the time for Suhoor—the predawn meal before the fast.

According to The Jakarta Post, the Air Force announced that, as in previous years, predawn fighter jet training exercises will be conducted throughout Java, including over the cities of Surabaya, Surakarta, Klaten and Sragen. They made the announcement on their Twitter handle @_TNIAU.

Colonel Sus M. Yuris, a spokesperson for the Air Force, said the mission was to make sure that Air Force personnel do not train during Ramadan while still maintaining the tradition. According to medical experts, dawn is the best time for training exercises. The pilots were also advised against training after 10am as that is the time blood sugar levels start to drop for people who are fasting during Ramadan.

Low-flying fighter jets will be flying during Suhoor, with the pilots using afterburners to create extra noise. The program was initiated several years ago, with mainly F-16 and T50i jets being used.

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