Nguyen Huu Linh. Photo: Da Nang People's Procuracy

Authorities in Vietnam have pressed charges against a former prosecutor for molesting an underage girl at an apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City.

Former deputy chief prosecutor Nguyen Huu Linh, 61, has been charged with “molestation of a person under the age of 16,” VN Express reported. If found guilty, he could be jailed for up to three years. The trial date has yet to be confirmed.

On April 1, Nguyen was visiting his son at an apartment complex. The five-year-old victim – whose identity has been concealed – walked into an elevator with Nguyen. The defendant was caught wrapping his arms around the girl’s neck and kissing her.

He only let her go when the elevator doors opened.

The girl told her parents about the incident and they saw the CCTV footage. Initially, they were not going to pursue the matter as they were worried about the effects it would have on the little girl. However, the CCTV footage leaked and surfaced online. The public erupted in anger and called for severe action against Nguyen.

The police in Ho Chi Minh City launched an investigation on April 21. According to the prosecutors, he has been cooperative and honest during the investigation.

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