Talisay City, Cebu. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino-American who was a former US marine died in a shootout with the police after running amok and killing his stepson and one other man in Talisay City, Cebu in the Philippines.

Dean Torrefranca reportedly had been engaged in a feud with Jedd Ybañez, the son of his late wife Delia, over ownership of a house and two cars after Delia died earlier this year, Philippine Lifestyle News reported.

On Thursday, when Torrefranca met with Ybañez at the local town hall, the meeting failed to resolve the dispute. Later, village captain Jimmy Bartilic arrived at Torrefranca’s home to try to help mediate the dispute, only to be shot dead. Ybañez was also shot dead.

Police arrived and while a shootout ensued, Torrefranca set the house on fire. After about an hour, he ceased shooting at the police who, upon entering the building, found Torrefranca’s burnt body.

No police officers or bystanders were reported injured in the shootout. Police are now working with US military authorities to determine whether Torrefranca had any history of discipline problems while in service.

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