The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max has caused great loss for the company and the losses are expanding, the carrier said. Handout.

China Eastern Airlines has filed a claim for compensation against Boeing for the months- long grounding of the 737 Max aircraft over serious safety concerns since March 11.

The Chinese airline currently has 14 Boeing 737 Max aircraft which were grounded around the world following the fatal Ethiopian Airlines plane crash on March 10.

“It has caused great loss for the company and the losses are expanding,” it said in a statement, adding that the delayed delivery of other Boeing 737 Max aircraft is also creating further losses.

China Eastern Airlines is the first carrier that has formally filed loss claims against Boeing over the issue. It is also reported that Air China and China Southern Airlines may join China Eastern Airlines for the loss claim.

According to public information, there were 96 Boeing 737 Max aircraft in use and Chinese companies had ordered 180 more units as of January.

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