Photo: Wikimedia Commons

More than 30 passengers were injured when two trains collided between stations in Quezon City, near the Philippine capital Manila.

The trains collided between Cubao and Anonas stations on Saturday night. Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) spokesman Hernando Cabrera said the collision happened after a train that was undergoing repairs started moving from a pocket track and wound up on the railway’s eastbound line, ABS-CBN News reported.

“We are still conducting further investigation to know what caused the incident. As of now, we cannot make any guesses or pinpoint exactly what is the cause,” Cabrera said.

The injured passengers were rushed to hospitals for treatment. By early Sunday morning only five passengers were confined for medical treatment. The LRTA said all medical expenses of the injured passengers would be paid by the agency.

The rail authority said the two damaged trains had already been taken to a depot in Santolang for repairs.

“The incident that happened is an isolated incident. Our system, our trains are safe and we assure our public that we will do our best to do our job and whatever due diligence to ensure the safety of our passengers,” Cabrera said.

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