One of the workers taking a rest above ground. Photo: YouTube

A team of electrical workers took the internet by storm earlier this month after they were filmed taking a nap 50 meters off the ground with the help of a safety rope.

The video clip showing the workers in Chenzhou, Hunan, taking a nap while attached to a safety rope was uploaded to the internet on April 9 and has raked in more than 140,000 views and has been commented on more than 300 times.

The workers were reportedly exhausted from their job on a transmission tower and decided to nap during their break time. One of the workers was interviewed by local media, who said it takes time to install and uninstall the equipment. The workers wanted to get as much break time as possible, so they took a nap in the air.

He added that initially, the workers were anxious about the practice but once they got used to it, it was no longer a problem. They felt secure enough with the amount of harness they were given.

People online were shocked when they saw the footage and expressed their respect and concern for their safety. Some even described them as the unsung heroes of the nation.

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