The High Court in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

At the High Court on Thursday, a Hong Kong woman won an appeal against her conviction on two counts of assault on her Indonesian domestic worker.

The High Court acquitted the appellant on one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and one count of common assault due to inaccurate use of words the magistrate made in his Statement of Findings, Oriental Daily reported.

Moreover, the deputy high court judge Gary Lam Kar-yan said contradictions were found in the statement the domestic worker gave to the police, her testimony in court and the statement she made to the Labor Department on the alleged attacks.

The worker’s statement was not credible as the magistrate did not handle the contradictions properly at the lower court, Judge Lam said in his judgement.

The appellant was previously sentenced to three months and seven days in jail at the lower court for assaulting her Indonesian domestic worker in September 2017.

The court heard earlier that the appellant was angry after the worker forgot to take her key when leaving home. She allegedly scolded the worker, slapped her face and kicked her right thigh on September 14.

The next day, the appellant was accused of hitting the worker on the head with a water bottle.

The appellant was arrested and later convicted of two offences in the magistrates’ court.

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