The border between Malaysia and Indonesia. Photo: Google Maps

A 37-year-old Malaysian Chinese woman from Kuching, Sarawak, was detained by Indonesian authorities for more than two months after she allegedly entered the country illegally.

Her family only learned of her whereabouts last Thursday and sought assistance from Wilfred Yap, the SUPP Public Complaints Bureau (SPCB) chief, two days later, the China Press reported.

The woman, who had worked in and returned from Papua New Guinea, had her passport taken by Malaysian immigration. She then needed to go to China and knew an Indonesian man who promised to get her a legal Indonesian passport so she could make the trip to China.

In January she went with the Indonesian man who first took her to Serikin, a small town on the border of Malaysia and Indonesia, where she was held for entering the country illegally. Her family then received anonymous calls, demanding money for her release. The family sent money, but heard no further news about her.

Wilfred Yap said he would appeal to Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance, requesting the detained woman be entitled to humane treatment. It was also important to learn which particular violations the woman had been charged with and whether she had been taken to court.

Yap also reminded the public about staying vigilant and not trusting people. They should never risk crossing the border illegally for whatever reason.

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