Aberdeen Country Park, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

A Hong Kong hiker has urged parents and domestic workers to be aware of wild boars in country parks in Hong Kong after a wild boar was spotted close to a baby in a stroller.

According to the hiker, on Monday a wild boar was seen only a few steps away from the baby stroller in Aberdeen Country Park, Headline Daily reported.

A domestic worker and the baby under her care were resting at a park bench, unaware that there was a wild boar in the area. Then the hiker noticed the boar approaching the baby stroller, and worried about the child’s safety, called out loudly in English, alerting the domestic worker to the wild animal. She immediately pushed the baby stroller away. Nobody was attacked or injured.

According to the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department’s website, in general, wild pigs are secretive and wary of human contact. However, if provoked or threatened they may become aggressive and may attack humans.

A number of people were injured by wild pigs last year in Hong Kong.

Two elderly persons were injured by a wild pig in a public housing estate in Kowloon’s Wong Tai Sin in October last year. Also in 2018, in July, two people were hurt by a wild boar near the University of Hong Kong on Hong Kong Island.

The authorities advises anyone who sees wild pigs to remain calm, stay away and leave the animals undisturbed. Citizens are also advised never to approach any wild pigs, including piglets.

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