Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 at Selangor in Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

An ethnic Malay widow who worked as a night-time driver for a ride-hailing service to earn cash to raise her children was reportedly raped in the early hours of Sunday morning by an Indonesian passenger who allegedly planned a sexual attack.

The incident was said to have happened early on April 7 at a remote location in Cyberjaya in Sepang district, the China Press reported.

The victim was a driver in her 40s. She was said to have got a car-hailing request at 10.30pm on April 6 from the Indonesian suspect in Dengkil, also in Sepang district. The man claimed that he needed to pick up his wife at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2).

The suspect allegedly made a phone call when the car arrived and claimed that his wife’s plane had yet to land. So, he asked the woman to drive him on a route without giving a specific destination.

The female driver found it suspicious, however, before she could react the suspect threatened her at knifepoint in the car.

She was then dragged onto the back seats, where the man tied her hands behind her back, and raped.

The suspect took 100 ringgit in cash and the driver’s mobile phone before leaving her at the spot, and driving her vehicle away, claiming that she would have to get the car back by foot.

By 6am the victim managed to report the attack to Selangor police, who took her for an examination at a hospital. Meanwhile, her vehicle was found at a gas station in Cyberjaya.

Selangor police have completed a sketch of the Indonesian suspect’s face. The man was said to have a medium build and short hair.

The case is being investigated under Sections 376 and 394 of the Penal Code for rape and voluntarily causing hurt while committing a robbery.

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