Aberdeen in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

Social media followers in Hong Kong have been outraged by photos posted online showing an elderly man in a wheelchair who was left on a sidewalk while the domestic worker taking care of him went shopping.

A post and photos being uploaded by a person named Guo Kwok on a Facebook group called Friends of Southern District on Tuesday drew heavy criticisms against the domestic worker, Headline Daily reported.

According to the post, the wheel-chair bound man, who was wearing a hat and face mask, was left alone on the sidewalk in Aberdeen to wait for his domestic worker. It was understood the worker was busy buying items in a clothing shop.

Kwok said many people were walking along the street and the wheelchair was placed in the middle of the sidewalk near a bus stop. The elderly man could have been hurt as many people walked by.

Some people told the domestic worker to take care of the old man before shopping or move his wheelchair to a safer place. However, she ignored the advice. She continued shopping and asked people not to disturb her.

Kwok helped move the wheelchair to a safer place. Kwok said she hoped the post would be seen by the employer who should know how the domestic worker was looking after the old man.

The post did not mention what nationality the domestic worker is.

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