Nadine Lustre (left) with the new superhero Wave. Photo: Mico Suayan@Facebook.

An illustrator working for Marvel Comics has admitted that the entertainment giant based its new Filipino superhero Wave on actress Nadine Lustre, and there is speculation that she may play the character in any future live adaptations.

Actress Nadine Lustre. Photos: Instagram.

The National reported that Mico Suayan posted a photo of the Philippine actress alongside a rendition of the superhero on his Facebook page with the caption: “A little trivia. I based my rendition of Wave on Nadine.”

Wave. Photo: Greg Pak@Twitter.

Wave was first introduced to the world when writer Greg Pak shared a photo of her on his Twitter page. The “mysterious new Filipina heroine” was decked out in a yellow and green costume while holding a pair of swords. The swords are said to resemble the Kampilan of Filipino warrior hero Lapu-Lapu, who fought against the Spanish colonial invaders in the 16th century.

She is one of Marvel’s new group of Asian superheroes, including Aero and Sword Master from China, who will fight dark forces in a storyline set in this region. Wave will be making her debut in the comic book series War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1, which will be launched in May.

Nadine Lustre. Photos: Facebook.

It is thought that Wave will probably play a major role in defending Asia from Thor villain, Malekith.

Suayan’s Facebook post has left many fans wondering if Lustre could end up playing the role of Wave in future live-action adaptations. Wave’s co-illustrator and designer, Leinil Francis Yu, had earlier said on Twitter that he would like to see actress Angel Locsin take on this role.

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