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An eight-minute-video has been shared with Hong Kong media that shows a man being beaten and abused because of what is allegedly a dispute over drugs and drugs money.

In the video, a man aged around 30 was forced to take off his clothes and apologize for his “mistakes” to two men and a woman in a public housing apartment in Hong Kong, Apple Daily reported.

It was understood that the victim, a Pakistani named Billa, had allegedly spent money he obtained from selling drugs, which angered the other three.

The video showed the victim putting his hands together and repeatedly apologizing. A woman then scolded the victim and repeatedly punched him on the face, after which a man kicked his head. Another part of the video showed a man sharpening what appeared to be a long steel pole and threatening the victim with it.

In the latter part of the video, the victim was forced to take off all his clothes and explain why he had been beaten. The victim said he felt remorse and was willing to accept the punishment. He told the three people that he would not do it again.

The attackers are thought to be triad members involving in drug trafficking. The report did not state their nationalities. The video clip has reportedly been circulated among various groups in South Asia and in Hong Kong.

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