Repulse Bay in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

Police are hunting the suspects after two burglaries in eight days in the same luxury home cluster on Hong Kong.

The two cases happened in the low-density residential cluster comprising 12 luxury villas at 56 Repulse Bay Road in Hong Kong, the Sing Tao Daily reported, adding that some external walls at the villas were being renovated.

At 10 pm on Friday, two domestic workers returned to one of the villas and found the door on the balcony had been forced open and the house had been ransacked. They reported the case to the security guard who called police.

The employer later discovered a watch worth HK$55,000 (US$7,006) was missing. Officers tried searching for the culprits, but no arrests were made.

On March 29, a break-in happened at another villa nearby. The 22-year-old villa resident returned home and found the house was ransacked. A total of HK$38,000 worth of valuables was missing.

Because some renovation were being done, scaffolding had been erected around some villas. Police believe this helped the burglars break-in. Some popular singers, tycoons and politicians live in the area.

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