The Pondok Gurame restaurant, where the chef was killed on Monday. Photo: Google Maps.

Two Indonesian men were killed by large trees that were brought down when stormy weather hit Jakarta and west Java early this week.

A chef was killed at around 2.30pm on Monday April 1 after heavy rain and strong wind caused a large tree to fall on the restaurant he was working in.

Ade Susi Hartanti, 35, died when the tree fell on the Pondok Gurame restaurant in Depok, West Java, The Jakarta Post reported.

Local police chief Bronet Ranapati said people were inside the restaurant when strong winds uprooted the tree and caused it to fall. A witness said the chefs were working in the kitchen when a loud crack was heard.

The victim was struck by the falling tree, killing him instantly.

Ranapati said that people in the restaurant were evacuated an hour after the tree fell. Firefighters had to cut the tree in pieces to clear up the area. At least two structures in the area were damaged by the fallen tree.

There was a similar tragedy the following day, when a truck driver was killed in East Jakarta by a large tree uprooted during a storm that fell and crushed the front of his vehicle.

Local police chief Fadoli said the victim, Suyatno, was driving down Jalan Dermaga Raya in the Duren Sawit area on April 2 when the tree fell on his truck, The Jakarta Post reported.

Heavy rain and strong winds reported at the time of the fatal accident.

Fadoli said firefighters were called on to respond by a witness who saw tree hit the truck. The witness claimed that the driver, who was alone in the truck, was killed on the spot with his hands still holding the steering wheel.

Gatot Sulaeman, the operational head of the East Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency, said it was difficult for his team to recover the victim’s remains as the tree decimated the truck. He said it took his team an hour to recover the man’s body.

The road was closed and only opened after firefighters had cleaned up the scene.

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