The man tried to avoid being arrested by climbing out of the window. Photo: QQ.

A wanted thief in China ended up needing to be saved by police after he climbed out of a window of his flat and was left hanging 60 meters off the ground.

On March 24, the man held a shop up in Yiyang, Hunan with a knife and took off with 10,000 Yuan (US$1,500) and the shopkeeper’s bank card, QQ reported.

Authorities investigating the case were able to track him down to his residence in an apartment building located in nearby Ningxiang county.

When the police went to arrest him on March 27, they found him hanging outside the window of his 23rd-floor apartment. A video of him hanging from the building was later uploaded onto the internet.

Eventually, the police were able to pull him back into the apartment. They then placed him under arrest for the robbery he had allegedly committed earlier.

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