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A group of six schoolboys in Vietnam has been arrested after allegations that they gang-raped a schoolgirl.

Police at Trieu Phong district in Quang Tri province said the six boys were from two high schools, while the alleged victim was a 10th-grade student at the Nguyen Huu Than High School, VN Express reported.

None of the people involved were identified due to them being juveniles.

At around 9pm on March 24, the girl’s family heard a noise outside their home and found the girl lying unconscious on the ground.

She was rushed to a hospital with scratches on her neck and face. She was found to be suffering from low blood pressure, then doctors confirmed that she had been raped.

She was discharged on March 25 after being treated for her injuries.

On the same day, the police received a complaint relating to the alleged attack and took immediate action. Six schoolboys were arrested and it was revealed that the boys allegedly planned to rape the girl at a birthday party, so they got her drunk before abusing her.

Three other students and another young adult are also being investigated in relation to the incident.

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