Tang on the elevated road. Photo: Shanghai Traffic Police@Weibo.

A video clip showing a Chinese man dragging a suitcase while riding a bicycle along an elevated expressway in Shanghai has gone viral, attracting mixed reviews.

Traffic cameras caught the man, surnamed Tang, riding his battery-powered bicycle on the Yan’an Elevated Road on March 31 while hauling a suitcase behind him with one hand, Xinmin Evening News reported.

Tang was driving towards The Bund when he was stopped by police, who told him that he was breaking the law.

He allegedly claimed that he did not know bicycles were banned on that road and said that he simply followed a sign to get to The Bund.

Officers of the Shanghai traffic police handed Tang a fine of 50 Yuan (US$7.50) and posted the incident on their official Weibo page, asking citizens to be aware of the dangers of riding bicycles on highways.

Internet commentators on Weibo were split. Some defended Tang, saying that it may have been his first time in Shanghai and he could have been oblivious to local laws.

Others were appalled and pointed out that Tang’s actions were reckless and could have seriously hurt someone.

A few even said the fine was not heavy enough to deter others from doing the same.

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