The python had a hard time trying to swallow the wings. Photo: Nicola Moore@YouTube

A two-meter python in Australia was filmed trying to swallow a large tawny frogmouth bird in an astonishing video clip that has surfaced online.

Nicola Moore was taking a sip of her morning coffee when she spotted a yellow diamond python hanging from the roof of the verandah of her house in New South Wales, the Daily Mail reported. To her surprise, the snake was trying to have a filling breakfast as well.

The snake had taken the large sleeping bird by surprise and had wrapped itself around it in a bid to kill it. The reptile then dislocated its own jaw when it put its whole mouth over the bird’s head.

For a couple of hours, the majority of the bird was swallowed by the snake, who was having a hard time with the bird’s wings. The snake eventually fell to the ground, gave up and puked the bird out, who was already dead by then.

Tawny Frogmouths have large wings, with a wingspan as wide as 98 centimeters. While they are nocturnal in nature, they are often confused with owls, but they are a different species altogether. The Frogmouth – an Australian native – catch prey with their mouths like most birds, whereas owls do so with their feet.

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