The search for the missing head continues. Photo: YouTube.

Police officers in Indonesia are stepping up their search for the head of a homicide victim.

On April 3, a farmer in Undanawu, Blitar found a suitcase containing a male, headless corpse near the Teams Lama River, The Jakarta Post reported. The victim, Budi Hartanto, 28, lived in the Kediri area and worked as a waiter and dance teacher. His family buried his incomplete remains on April 4.

Local police chief Adewira Negara Siregar said his team had returned to the crime scene and carried out a further search for the missing head of the victim. He added that the police are doing so because a suspect has yet to be identified, which makes the search more difficult.

At least 14 people have been questioned by the police. A civil servant identified as “I” was found to be the last person to have seen the victim on the day of his death.

The authorities continue their search around the area where the suitcase was found.

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