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Vietnamese authorities recently busted an illegal gambling den hidden deep inside a forest in the Central Highlands.

More than 100 police were sent to raid the den in the Dark Doa district of Gia Lai province, VN Express reported.

More than 100 gamblers were caught while playing soc dia — a Vietnamese gambling game that sees tokens shaken in a bowl.

Some 130 gamblers, mostly women, were arrested after warning shots were fired. About 300 million Dong (US$12,900) was seized at the scene.

After a long chase that lasted hours, the den’s organizer Nguyen Manh Hung — also known as Hung Sida, 35, was arrested with his henchmen.

Hung is notorious in the Central Highlands for running his operations in a mountainous area and bringing in hundreds of gamblers from surrounding provinces.

His gambling den would bring in big stakes, sometimes as much as 1 billion Dong (over $43,000).

An officer in the raiding party said they had to move secretly from Ho Chi Minh City before passing through the forest due to the gambling den being the largest one in the Highlands.

Several gamblers were able to get away. Authorities are continuing to investigate.

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