Police opened fire when the two men put up a fight. Photo: iStock

Police in North Sumatra, Indonesia, shot and killed two foreigners during an anti-drug smuggling operation on Monday.

Agus Andrianto, the chief inspector general of North Sumatra Police, said the two suspects, an Indian and a Malaysian, were resisting arrest and fighting back when officers from the narcotics division opened fire on them, The Jakarta Post reported.

He added that the two were part of an international drug syndicate that operates in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. A total of 14 Indonesians linked to the syndicate were detained in Medan and Tanjung Balai. A total of 14 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine was seized in the operation.

According to Andrianto, the suspects arrested were found with a substantial amount of narcotics, which could land them up to 20 years in jail or even the death penalty.

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