The groom being forced to wear Japanese military uniform by his friends. Photo: YouTube.

Six men aged between 18 and 22 were arrested in China after a group of friends made a groom wear a WW2-era Japanese military uniform at his wedding, sparking outrage on social media.

On March 26, as a prank, a man surnamed Bai and another man Gong decided to make their friend also surnamed Bai, who had his wedding day on April 10, dress in military fatigues worn by the Japanese army during World War 2. Another friend Liu purchased the uniform online.

On April 10, pranksters Bai and Gong got the uniform ready while the groom passed through Zhengzhou, Henan province. The groom was forced by a friend, Li, to put on the uniform, while his driver Han took videos of the scene.

One of the men then uploaded a video onto the internet, which was blasted by commentators on social media, who criticized them for being insensitive and for their “distasteful” prank.

Six men involved in the video, including the two masterminds of the prank, were arrested by police for allegedly tarnishing the country’s reputation. Pranksters Bai and Han – who uploaded the video – were detained for ten days. Gong was detained for seven days and the remaining three were let go with a warning.

Zhenghzhou police stated that they take cases like this seriously and will punish those who treat the country and its people with disrespect.

During the WW2, Henan province, together with many Chinese provinces, was occupied by the Japanese army. Several battles between the Kuomintang army and the Japanese took place in Henan province, and millions of Chinese died of starvation during the Japanese occupation.

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