The man was caught on CCTV. Photo: YouTube.

A man was filmed stealing a 1.5-meter-long python from a pet store in Michigan in the US and stuffing it in his pants.

Video footage captured at the I Love My Pets store at around 5.40pm on March 20 shows the man grabbing the snake and placing it in his pants, the Daily Mail reported. The man had reportedly asked about the snakes and did this when a staff member stepped away.

He went over to the cashier to pay for a rat priced at US$6 but ended up leaving the store with a ball python in his pants worth $100.

Emily Scheiwe, a worker at the store, said she was shocked to see someone steal the python, which was about to go to the home of people who adopted it on the same day.

Viewers of the footage spotted the lack of staff in the store at the time of the theft and said there should be more than one person working there.

A netizen said they were in the store and saw the employees looking for the snake. They reportedly thought it had escaped on its own – before they checked the security cameras.

Photos of the man have been publicized and authorities have asked local citizens to come forth with any relevant information.

YouTube video

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