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Guards at the border with China in northern Vietnam apprehended a man after he was found to be carrying tiger skin and bones.

Pham Van Hiep, 26, was caught on April 10 with 5.4 kilograms of tiger bones and a whole skin of a tiger when he tried to cross the border in Quang Ninh Province, VN Express reported.

Pham, from Nghe An Province, was handed over to the local police for questioning.

In Asian countries such as Vietnam and China, tiger bones are used as a traditional medicine to treat ailments related to bones and joints. They are sold for about 20 million Dong (US$860) per 100 grams in Vietnam and could be worth even more in China.

Education for Nature-Vietnam, a conservation group in Vietnam, said at least 971 cases of trading, transporting and advertising tiger products had been investigated in the decade from 2006 and 2016.

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