The needle allegedly found in the BBQ pork Photo: Facebook, Andy Poon

A photo went viral on social media allegedly showing a needle in a BBQ pork lunch box from a restaurant in Fanling in Hong Kong’s New Territories.

A man named Andy Poon posted photos on a Facebook group called “Fanling”, saying he found a needle stuck in a piece of BBQ pork in his lunch box on Wednesday, headline Daily reported.

Poon said he bought the lunch box from the Hei Yuet Palace Chinese restaurant in Ka Fuk Shopping Centre in Fanling.

Poon said he was lucky as he took a look at the meat before putting it into his mouth and noticed something strange sticking out of the meat. It was a two-centimeter-long needle.

He slammed the restaurant, saying that he would could have been seriously injured if he had not noticed the needle. He urged people to be careful and look carefully before eating.

Many people left comments advising Poon to report the case to the police or the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for further investigation, news website reported.

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