The man pinned the snake on the ground with his foot. But it did not stop him getting bitten. Photo: YouTube.

A man in China was killed after a king cobra turned and bit him when he was posing for a photo with the deadly snake.

On March 26, 47-year-old Pan was posing with a six-feet-long king cobra in Tunchang, Hainan for a photo when the incident took place, the Mirror reported. Pan can be seen pinning the venomous snake with his foot as witnesses gather around to look at the reptile.

Soon after, the king cobra turned around and gave Pan a bite, suddenly paralyzing him and leaving him on the ground. He was seen twitching on the ground as the venom made its way through the man’s body.

Witnesses at the scene reportedly killed the snake by cutting it in half, preventing any additional casualties. However, Pan was motionless at this point.

The Tunchang People’s Hospital sent an ambulance to the scene after witnesses called for help. Despite having an antidote for the venom, it was reportedly useless because Pan was declared dead at the scene.

A spokesperson said the emergency team took 40 minutes to get to the scene.

The case is currently being investigated by local authorities.

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