Freeze frame of the incident at Hong Kong International Airport Photo: Facebook

A man was captured on CCTV footage assaulting police officers at Hong Kong International Airport on Sunday.

At 5pm, police officers were called in after staff at an airport diner reported that a man had created a nuisance of himself, news website reported.

When three police officers arrived at the scene the man, who was apparently drunk, became upset and attacked them.

The incident was captured by a CCTV surveillance camera and the video clip was later circulated on social media.

The video showed that the man was lying on the floor at the arrivals hall level when three police officers and two airport staff members arrived. When one of the police officers offered the man a stool to sit on, he got up and kicked the police officer. He then grabbed the stool and rushed towards them, trying to hit them with it. The man was later subdued on the floor.

A spokesperson from the police force said the officers had issued verbal warnings but the 35-year-old suspect did not listen and made it necessary for the officers to subdue him. The suspect was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and was taken to the North Lantau Hospital for a checkup.

The report did not mention the nationality of the suspect.

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