Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police officers in Indonesia are investigating the death of a woman after her body was found inside her car in the basement of the Media Hotel and Towers in Sawah Besar, Jakarta.

At around 9:30pm on April 18, the body of IC, 46, was found in her car by her husband Franky, The Jakarta Post reported.

Local police chief Ade Candra said witnesses had been questioned, including the victim’s husband. The hotel’s CCTV archive was also examined, however Candra said the basement section of the parking lot had no CCTV cameras and there was only one camera at the parking lot entrance.

The victim, who lived on nearby Jalan Kartini, reportedly parked her car there after work every day.

Candra added that the victim was found face down in the car, with bruises on her neck that suggested possible strangulation. Her cellphone, bag and car keys were missing.

Bathroom cleaning liquid had been poured on the victim’s body and around the car as well. The authorities are currently waiting for autopsy results.

A fire had broken out at the hotel around the time that the victim was found. A security officer was killed by inhaling smoke from the fire that was caused by a short circuit in a storeroom.

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