The Magistrate Court of Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

Three Indonesian domestic workers in Selangor, Malaysia, ran away from their allegedly abusive employer and sought help from the Indonesian embassy on Friday.

The three women, aged between 25 and 41, had worked with their employer, who reportedly carried the second-most senior federal title of Tan Sri, at a bungalow in Country Heights in Kajang for seven years, four years and six months respectively, the Nanyang Siang Pau (Malaysia) reported.

Kajang police received the abuse report filed by Indonesian embassy officials on March 22. The women claimed they were never paid, were punched and slapped and had their passports withheld by their employer.

The three women climbed the fence of their employer’s house and were helped by an unknown Chinese man who brought them to the embassy. Medical checks showed no signs of physical injuries, as well as no signs of sexual or mental abuse.

Malaysian police recovered the women’s identification documents – two passports and an i-card – which were held by the employer’s secretary. The women were sent to a safe house after an interim protection order was granted by the Magistrate Court of Kajang.

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