The Al-Amin Mosque, where he young girl was taken. Photo: YouTube

A 55-year-old homeless woman has been arrested at a mosque in Indonesia for abducting a three-year-old girl. The case of the missing girl, who was taken from a mosque, was bought to an end with the woman’s arrest.

On April 9, CCTV footage from the Al-Amin Mosque in Bekasi, West Java, showed a woman wearing a red headscarf grabbing the three-year-old and taking her away at about 9:38 am.

The woman, identified as AG, was arrested at the At Taufiq Mosque near the Pasar Senen Station in Central Jakarta, The Jakarta Post reported. A scarf, a bag and the girl’s pink dress were seized during the arrest.

The girl had been with the woman for five days. According to police spokesperson Argo Yuwono, AG said she thought people would sympathize with her and give her money while she begged if she had a child with her.

AG was said to have moved from mosque to mosque every night to sleep. The homeless woman could face more than five years in jail under Article 328 of the Criminal Code on abduction.

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