Old water pipes have suffered breakdowns over the years, officials say. Photo: iStock.

The city of Hanoi is facing a shortage of clean water as Vietnam prepares for an intense heatwave and record-high temperatures.

The Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting says the coming heatwave will bring temperatures of up to 39-42 degrees Celsius, Viet Nam News reported. In addition, the demand for clean water is expected to rise by 10-15% during the peak of summer.

Residential areas in the wards of Bach Dang and Phuc Tan in Hoan Kiem district have ensured water supply by storing clean water in all feasible containers.

However, citizens have other obstacles to overcome as well. While they may have access to water, some are not willing to use it due to the water’s poor quality.

In some residential areas, tap water has been seen turning yellow. And water supply has been cut for residents who were tardy in paying their water bills.

The authorities, namely the Department of Construction (DoC), said the water supply is sufficient after the installation of upgrades and new water supply projects. Nguyen Manh Hung, the head of DoC’s Technical Infrastructure Division, noted that the provision of clean water depends on the water source and the water pipe network.

He said that old pipes in the network may have contaminated water for citizens. And the lack of water sources makes it hard for companies that supply water to carry out their duties.

According to a report from the Ha Noi Water Limited Company, the extraction of water from artesian basins under the ground decreases by 4-6% every year.

Old pipelines that were heavily relied on, such as the Da River pipeline, suffered from breakdowns through the years. Whenever that happened, the water supply to residents was disrupted.

As a result, the DoC has demanded that water companies draft solutions to deal with the shortage of water. Inspection teams will also be appointed to ensure the supply of water meets proper standards.

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