Las Vegas in the United States. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police in the United States suspect that two young Filipino-Americans were killed in a murder-suicide after their bodies were found inside a car in Las Vegas.

Bodies of the two victims were found on March 27, according to the police, and were identified as Shiloh Delph, 22, and Sonya White, 23.

The man and the woman were both Filipino-Americans, and both died from gunshot wounds to the head, ABS-CBN News reported.

A driver called the police after witnessing a car that was out of control. The driver said the car hit a curb and crossed all traffic lanes before it came to a stop. The driver called the police and reported the accident.

When police arrived, they found the two bodies in the car as well as a gun.

Police believe the woman, White, was shot to death by Delph before he shot himself. White’s death was ruled as a homicide while Delph’s death was ruled a suicide.

Authorities have yet to find the motive for the killings. The two were reportedly seen together at the town square in Las Vegas before their deaths.

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