Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong. Photo: Google Map
Li Yuen Street East in Central on Hong Kong. Photo: Google Map

Two Filipino men and 20 Filipinas were arrested during a police raid on two illegal bars in Central on Hong Kong Island on March 9.

Officers from the regional anti-triad unit and the regional special duty squads mounted an operation codenamed Levington, aimed at two bars on Li Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street West, which were popularly called “alley-alley” among Filipino workers in Hong Kong, reported.

A total of 23 men and 21 women aged from 20 to 63 were arrested during the raids. Among those arrested, 22 were Filipinos, a police spokesperson said Friday, adding that one Filipino man was arrested for selling liquor in an unlicensed place while the other Filipinos were arrested for drinking liquor in an unlicensed establishment.

The police spokesperson said investigators also confiscated about 1,300 bottles of alcohol worth about $31,000 (US$3,949). According to Hong Kong law, it is illegal to drink liquor in an unlicensed place.

Hong Kong’s Dutiable Commodities (Liquor) Regulations states that a police officer may arrest any person found drinking liquor in any premises without a license. Offenders are liable to a summary conviction or a fine. Under HK’s Criminal procedure Ordinance, a level 1 fine is equivalent to HK$2,000.

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