Merlion Statue in Singapore. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Merlion444
The Merlion statue in Singapore. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Merlion444

A 66-year-old Filipina widow has left Singapore after working for the same family for 30 years and has returned home to her son and daughter.

Mia, who became the breadwinner of the family after the sudden death of her husband, went overseas and became a domestic worker in Singapore to improve her family’s finances and help raise her children, the Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore) reported.

Singaporean woman Chua Sin Hwee, now 65, hired Mia to help her raise her three daughters, and the employer-employee relationship lasted until mid-April this year.

The Lim family and Mia almost started seeing each other as family. Chua’s daughters were all very naughty, Mia recalled. On April 20, the Lim family had a farewell dinner with Mia and gave her a pair of earrings as gifts as they were grateful for Mia giving them 30 years of memories.

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