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A Filipina domestic worker has filed a criminal complaint with the Hong Kong police against her employer for allegedly assaulting her on multiple occasions.

Jubie Sabarillo, 50, was convinced by the Philippines Labor Attaché Jalilo dela Torre to pursue her case after he learned of the alleged attacks, reported.

Sabarillo alleges that she was physically assaulted ten times by her employer Mrs Lam in an apartment on Kennedy Road in Mid Levels between June 10, 2018 and April 4 this year.

The worker reportedly kept a diary where she wrote down the date and time of each alleged assault.

Following the advice of a friend, Sabarillo called the police after the latest attack on April 4. When the officers arrived at the flat to conduct an investigation, they reportedly asked the worker to decide whether she wanted them to arrest her employer, or if she would rather go home to the Philippines soon.

The worker said that because she was under stress and tired, she told the police that she wanted to go home.

A police officer then asked her to sign a document. She said the document was about her decision not to press charges and to go home as soon as possible.

When Dela Torre asked the worker why she signed the waiver without a lawyer being present, Sabarillo said she was confused and did not know what to say when the officers asked her to make a decision.

Dela Torre convinced her to pursue her case and helped her to arrange a medical check-up and to file a criminal complaint against the employer.

The Police Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the case.

Dela Torre also put the employer on the Philippine Overseas Labor Office’s watchlist. Employers placed in the blacklist are those whose workers have filed a police report against them, particularly those involving complaints of maltreatment and assault.

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