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A woman in Singapore has been jailed after she was found guilty of attacking her Indonesian domestic worker.

On April 29, 48-year-old paralegal Ng Bee Choo confessed to hurting Weti Alimi Carmadi, 33, and was jailed for 10 months, the Straits Times reported. The plaintiff reportedly started working at the defendant’s home in October 2016 and had been responsible for taking care of Ng’s elderly mother who has heart problems.

Ng reportedly began abusing Carmadi verbally and physically in 2017. According to Carmadi’s lawyer, she concealed her predicament from others due to fear.

In late January 2018, Ng brutally attacked the victim after she dropped a bottle of pills shortly before giving medication to her mother. The defendant was reportedly angry as she thought the domestic worker was feeding dirty pills to her mother.

Ng used a wooden implement to hit the victim’s head repeatedly. When Carmadi tried to shield her head, she suffered fractures to her hands as a result of the beating. However, she continued to carry out her work despite being in great pain.

On January 28, 2018, a neighbor called the police after she heard a woman moaning in pain. The police showed up, but no one answered the bell. Three days later, the police returned and discovered that Carmadi had injuries to her hands and had bloodshot eyes.

As well as being given the 10-month prison sentence, Ng was ordered to pay Carmadi compensation of S$12,800 (US$9,410.)

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