After members of her family were bitten by bed bugs, the employer found the insects in her domestic worker's bed. Photo: iStock

A Hong Kong woman was slammed online after she wanted her domestic worker to pay a cleaning fee because bed bugs were allegedly found in the worker’s bed.

The employer posted on a Facebook group seeking advice on whether she could deduct money from the worker’s salary as punishment because she suspected the worker had brought the bugs into the family home, news website reported.

The employer said that after her family suffered bites from bed bugs, she found there were bugs in the domestic worker’s bed.

According to the employer, the worker had a lot of clothes that were collected from friends or relatives and she suspected the bed bugs were from clothes that had not been thoroughly washed. She said she disposed of the domestic worker’s bed board and mattress and sent all the clothes for dry cleaning.

She emphasized that she was angry because the worker had denied she had brought the bed bugs into the house and had shown no remorse.

The employer said she was thinking of issuing a warning letter to her employee, adding that she wanted the worker to pay for the dry cleaning costs by having money deducted from her salary.

However, her suggestions were slammed online when internet commentators disagreed with her and said the accusations were unfair, adding she did not know the source of the bugs. They urged her to hire a pest control company.

Neither the Facebook post nor the news website report made any mention of the domestic worker’s nationality.

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