The crocodile snatched the fish from the two men. Photo: YouTube.

A large crocodile has been caught on video, snatching the catch belonging to two men who were fishing in Australia.

The two men, Dac and Daniel were fishing in Little Billabong, New South Wales when they spotted the crocodile lurking nearby, ABC Australia reported. The crocodile started to get closer when one of the men was reeling in a barracuda fish.

In the video, the crocodile can be seen accelerating to match the speed of the fish being hauled in by the man. The crocodile—estimated to be as much as  four meters long—leaps out of the water and gulps down the fish as the two men look on in amazement.

The video clip, which was uploaded to Facebook, has gone viral, with some commentators praising the men for being brave and not letting go of the fish.

YouTube video

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