Lubao town in Pampanga, the Philippines, where the crime took place. Photo: Google Maps

A 12-year-old Filipino boy on Monday confessed to stabbing and killing a pregnant woman and her daughter after stealing money from them in Pampanga, the Philippines.

The boy admitted he stabbed and killed his neighbors after stealing PHP 100 from them. The woman, 25, was three months pregnant and her daughter was four-years-old. They were stabbed with a butcher’s knife, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Police said when the woman discovered the boy had stolen her money, she cursed him. The boy became angry and took a butcher’s knife and attacked the woman and her daughter.

A 16-year-old boy claimed he saw the suspect dispose of the knife and a blood-soaked yellow shirt, which have been recovered by police. The suspect had blood stains on his shorts and his hands had fresh wounds.

On Monday, the boy confessed to a social worker in the presence of his parents. Police have filed a case against the boy and are waiting for the prosecution to determine whether to commit the boy to a home for young offenders in Magalang town.

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