The feathery chicken wing. Photo: QQ.

A woman in Beijing, China was infuriated when she found her delivery order of chicken wings from McDonald’s showed up with feathers in them.

The woman uploaded a video onto the internet, which showed a receipt dated April 21. Next to the receipt was the chicken wing with feathers coming out of it.

Her family made the shocking discovery when they had already finished three wings. When her daughter took a bite of the last one, she was shocked to get a mouthful of feathers.

The woman surnamed Zhou then rushed to the restaurant, demanding an explanation. The restaurant offered to compensate her 10 times the price of the chicken wings, with an additional 300 Yuan (US$45) in either cash or coupons, which she refused.

Instead, Zhou took the matter to the local food and drug administration. McDonald’s China has since issued a public statement on their Weibo page apologizing for the incident. They also assured the public that they would look into the incident thoroughly.

Online commentators were quick to express how appalled they were by the incident, while some sarcastically comments wondered if the fast-food chain wanted to assure their product was made from real chickens by leaving the feathers on the wings.

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