Police also confiscated 'magic mushrooms' in the men's possession. Photo: iStock.

An Indonesian and an American have been arrested on an island in central Indonesia for allegedly selling and taking marijuana and crystal methamphetamine.

A spokesperson for authorities in West Nusa Tenggara said the men were arrested on Gili Trawan Island on the night of March 30, The Jakarta Post reported.

They were reportedly arrested in a house on Jalan Ikan Todak.

The pair was presented at a press conference in Mataram the following day.

The American was identified as “CS”, a 46-year-old man, while the Indonesian was “MR”, 24 years of age and from East Lombok, they said.

Police found and seized several small boxes and plastic bags containing about 1.2 kilograms of marijuana.

Cigarette filters, 13 parcels of meth, two plastic pipettes, magic mushrooms, plus cash and other tools for drug consumption were also taken during the arrests.

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