The falling panel from the air-conditioner hits the stroller at the market (in circle). Photo: Facebook, ByNorthHK

A baby had a lucky escape – narrowly avoiding being hit by a falling panel from an air-conditioner – in a wet market in the New Territories.

15-second video clip uploaded to a Facebook group shows the panel fall and hit the front of the stroller with the baby in it at around noon on Tuesday while an old woman was shopping in the Shek Wu Hui Market in Sheung Shui, news website reported.

The video shows the woman, aged about 60, put the stroller with her grandchild in it behind her while she buys some meat.

Suddenly, a one-meter-long panel fell from the ceiling and crashed on to the stroller. A loud bang was heard and the panel broke into pieces and scattered on the ground.

The old woman turned around and found her grandchild was not injured. She immediately pushed the stroller away and left the scene. The report did not say how old the baby is.

A worker at the frozen meat shop said it was lucky that no one was hurt. Fortunately, it was not crowded when the accident happened, Oriental Daily reported.

The object that fell of the air-conditioner was understood to be a heat insulation panel.

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