Smoke billows out from from under the toll road in Jakarta during the blaze. Photo: YouTube.

About 100 makeshift homes under a toll road in Jakarta were destroyed after a fire broke out on Saturday and wreaked havoc.

The fire broke out just before 9am on March 30 under the Pluit toll overpass in Pejagalan in the north of the Indonesian capital, The Jakarta Post reported. The fire department sent 12 fire engines and teams of firefighters to the scene, who extinguished the fire by 10.45am.

Desi Putra, the North Jakarta secretary, said the fire may have been caused by a stove inside one of the makeshift homes under the toll road. Putra said no casualties were reported but about 100 makeshift homes were destroyed.

According to the Jakarta Fire and Rescue team, one individual sustained minor injuries.

Local authorities in North Jakarta declared a three-day emergency for the people affected. Food and clothes were handed out to about 300 people and temporary shelters were set up.

The company operating the toll road said it was not affected by the fire and was still safe for traffic. Extra security would be put in place around the section near where the fire broke out.

However, motorists may need to exercise patience when if they face long lines.

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