Serdang Police Station Headquarters, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

An alleged vice establishment in Petaling District in Selangor Malaysia which had previously been raided by the Malaysian authorities 10 times, was found to be still in business and employing 24 foreign women when police raided it early on Sunday morning.

At around 1am on February 24, officers from Selangor’s Anti-Vice, Gaming and Secret Societies Division stormed the premises in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, where 19 women from Vietnam, three from Thailand and two from Laos were arrested for allegedly abusing their social visit passes by illegally working at the center as “guest relations officers”, the China Press reported.

According to the police, the women were caught trying to escape through a secret passageway leading to a staircase for use in case of raids by the authorities.

The operator of the multi-story entertainment center was granted a business license for the restaurant and pub on the ground floor only, while the three other levels above which provided karaoke entertainment services were reportedly unlicensed.

Preliminary investigations found that the women were each paid 160 ringgit to spend four hours with customers, and those who were chosen by customers for all-night service would be paid 400-700 ringgit (US$98-US$172).

During the raid, a total of 150 men and women who were visiting the entertainment center were taken for urine tests to determine whether they had used illicit substances that were found at the scene and were believed to belong to customers.

All the arrested were taken to the Serdang Police Station Headquarters for further questioning.

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