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An elderly woman who was attacked by a wild boar in Malaysia has had to undergo intensive surgery on her injuries.

At around 6:30pm on March 2, Roseminah Safar, 70, heard noises and spotted a herd of wild boars behind her neighbor’s home at Felda Jengka Satu in Pahang, the New Straits Times reported.

According to the woman, two adult boars and six piglets were looking for food close to where her grandchildren were playing, so she tried to chase the pigs away. However when she caught the male boar by surprise, it suddenly charged, bit her and tossed her around.

Her husband, Abdul Rahman Dolaji, saw what was happening and chased the boar away with a stick.

Safar was taken to the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital in Temerloh and had to undergo seven hours of surgery to reattach an arm ligament.

Safar’s daughter, Norkintan Abdul Rahman, 40, said her mother was now stable but had received 30 stitches to her arm. She also hoped that the authorities would take notice and take action to curb the number of boar attacks.

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