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A trio of transgender women was jailed by a court in Vietnam for stealing cash and phones from foreign tourists.

On March 14, Nguyen Ngoc Thien, 22, was given a three-and-jail term, Nguyen Huu Chanh, 25, two and a half years, and Dang Huang Kiet, 29, 18 months by a court in Da Nang, VN Express reported.

The three were arrested on July 17 after police received a complaint from Vijay Kumar, a 33-year-old Indian tourist who reported his phone stolen by a transgender woman. The woman reportedly took his iPhone X out of his pocket as she flirted with him and distracting him. She then fled on an accomplice’s motorcycle.

Authorities later arrested Kiet and Thien for stealing the tourist’s phone. The pair confessed and pointed Chanh out as another accomplice.

The three then confessed to 13 cases of theft that took place between July 9 to 13. The police then confiscated two motorcycles, 19 stolen cell phones worth 62 million Dong (US$2,676,) a dog and more than US$2,000 in cash from their hotel rooms.

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