The National Highway 1A in Vietnam. Photo: Wikipedia

A total of 182 drivers were found to be driving under the influence of drugs over the course of 20 days of inspections by traffic police in Vietnam.

From January 21 to 30 and from February 11 to 20, authorities carried out inspections on trucks and vehicles on expressways and roads throughout the country, VN Express reported.

Urine tests found 73 drivers testing positive for narcotics use on National Highway 1A alone.

The police worked with the Institute of Forensic Science to conduct the tests—that have an accuracy rate of 90%—by collecting urine samples.

According to the traffic police, most of the drivers who tested positive ended up confessing to the use of narcotics. All of the 182 drivers will be suspended from work and have their driving licenses suspended for between 22 and 24 months.

Authorities will also seize their vehicles for a week.

Traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths in Vietnam. Statistically speaking, almost one person is killed by a traffic accident every hour in the country.

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